Sunday, August 10, 2008

A little update on the lives of your parents

Since the temple was closed the past two weekends we decided to take a couple of road trips. The end of July we started up to Snowflake to the temple there, but only got as far as the Sahuaro Lake turnoff and the car over heated, so we turned back. Not wanting to go home since we told Grandma we would be gone, we decided to go to an afternoon movie – Dark Knight – then went to dinner in downtown Phx at the Hard Rock CafĂ©, then spent the night at grandma’s condo. The next day we lazed around until time for church and talked of all the things that need fixing in the condo to make it rentable. Yipes – I need a month off.

Well, your dad felt cheated, so he planned another trip. This time we rented a car on Friday. I left work early and we drove over to Vic and Eleanor’s with Grandma. We left the dogs at home cause Eleanor said they just got new carpet and didn’t want dogs ruining it. We got around 10 pm, but stayed up till midnight talking. Well, part of the reason for going was to go to the Newport Temple, but they told us that it was also closed for maintenance. Sat am, Bill and Tara and their girls came over prior to taking off on their vacation. It was fun to see them and the beautiful little girls. They have kept in touch with some of you via the blogs and were so impressed with all the pictures, etc. Bill has a nice big truck and boat and they took it up near Fresno to an LDS campground. Semi camping, but all meals were to be provided and that is what sold Tara! After they left, Vic and Eleanor took us over to the temple just to walk around the grounds. It is beautiful. Your dad said they probably spent about $1M just on the landscape. Then we went to Fashion Island and had lunch and hashed over some family matters (grandma opted not to go with us for what ever reason). Fashion Island, if you haven’t been there is a huge mall that overlooks the ocean in Newport. I guess the closest thing here would be Biltmore – but so much bigger, more beautiful – a carousel to ride on, etc. It was quite crowded and we didn’t see one junky car in the parking lot – mostly Benz and BMW’s, with a few Audi’s and Lexus’. After that Vic had us drive down the coast highway and we found a parking spot and walked down to the beach to put our toes in the water. The weather was perfect and even the water was nice. There were a couple of wedding parties around which made it fun. We then went back to Vic’s and barbecued and your dad and Vic went for a swim.

Sunday we went to their church staying for all meetings. Your dad even bore his testimony cause he felt so inspired. It was fun to actually walk to and from church (though Vic, Eleanor and G-ma drove).Then we packed our bags started home. We got about a mile heading toward Riverside, then decided we needed to let grandma see the ocean since she hadn’t gone with us the day before, so we turned around and headed down the coast toward San Diego. We actually spent some time there going to Mission Bay and then downtown to the wharf to see the ships. By the time we headed on home it was late and we didn’t get home till nearly 2 am. I can’t do that anymore. I was pretty much mush for work the next day. But at least we made it safely. Your dad and grandma got to sleep in, but I had to take the car back, have them bring me home and then head on in to work. The car we rented was a Nissan Murano, I think. Kind of a mini SUV, but it was really fun to drive and had push button starting and stopping. When we parked once to go down to the wharf, your dad forgot to push it off, so it ran for about 20 minutes with no one there. Yipes! Well, Grandma was right there, so I guess it was OK. Anyway, it was fun to get away if just for a couple of days.

This week I have been quite busy at work, so if my messages are short it is cause I don’t have much time for answering. I did get a couple of boxes unloaded from the office the other night and have tried to clean out Josh’s room with all Trevor’s stuff (put in storage). Natalie and Justin took off this morning for NYC, so we have a kennel going around here with 3 dogs! Hope I make it through.

Well, I tried to find the pictures we took on our trip, but they weren’t on dad’s camera, so I hope he didn’t lose them. Hope all is well with everyone wherever you are in this big wide world of ours. Just know that you are all in our thoughts and prayer daily, and we love each of you very much! Love, Mom/Marilyn

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jason and Michelle's 411...

Jasons new Haircut. He just took the clippers to head and shaved it all off. He really just admires Justin so much he wanted to be like him-it all has started with the buzzed hair. =]

(the only new picture is the one of Jason..the next was up at Tantlus-a lookout over Waikiki & Honolulu...Next-our trip to Maui (Sept) at a blow hole there-we got soaked..the last one was here on Oahu (beginning Oct.), we hiked to the lighthouse one day with Trevor and Lauren)

Just a little heads up--NO we are NOT pregnant-although a few of you think we are-Someday, but definately not today

We're having a great time here in Hawaii! Its fun to have family here as well. With only about 26 days left of the semester in school,(Yeah!, we cant wait to go back to AZ for Christmas Break!!!) we're working hard to do well as we finish the semester. Its getting difficult with every one around us getting sick though, Jason hasnt been feeling totally 'up to par' for about a week. But, don't worry Mom, we're constantly drinking Emergen-C.

Jason works in the Biology Stockroom-handing out supplies to students and professors, as well as learning patience as he works with his boss (shes even told him her nickname is "Damanda"). Michelle is no langer working in stockroom-she must have lost her patience. She is working as a student secretary for the Science Department and enjoying hearing all the gossip from all the professors about the new school changes with the new school president. We are enjoying taking a few classes and labs together; not only do we get to see each other throughout the day, its great in having someone to study with too. :]

Just last week we were able to attend the inaguration of the new president of BYU-H, it was really nice to hear advice and words of encouragement from Pres. Eyring.


Yes, Happy Birthday to Dad
-from Jason and Michelle

And whos voting for Jason and I in making Dad and Mom grandparents first?! Too bad it doesnt display whos voting for whom, I think some are voting more than once...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! (sorry this video and photos are from last year, hopefully you guys took pictures from this year so we can update it.)

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Nikki is amazing in ways you can't even comprehend at first. She is like your favorite movie or "Where's Waldo?"book, you notice something different every time you interact with her, like a little surprise waiting behind the little twinkle in her eye.

Natalie and Justin

What else to say than he has a big mouth?!

This is one of the greatest pictures because it completely captures one of the most wonderful parts of Natalie and Justin- their laughter! It is contagious whenever you are around them.

Kendi's Trip to Hawaii

These are a few pictures from Kendi's trip to Hawaii! It was such a great time!
Can't wait to have her come again!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grandma in Hawaii

Jason, Michelle, Trevor and Lauren had a pleasant surprise when Grandma and a few of her girlfriends ventured out to Hawaii! What a treat to spend some time with Grandma in paradise?! We only wish we could have seen her more!

Pictures of Trev and Lauren

Here are just a few pictures of some of great times in Hawaii! Trevor hasn't had a decent hair cut since we moved to Laie!

Trevor and Lauren in Hawaii

ALOHA! Trevor and Lauren currently live in Laie, Hawaii (North Shore Oahu), enjoying the sun, surf, and school! Trevor is currently fulfilling his dream to become Napolian Dynamite, working at an egg farm, shooting mongoose, and wrestling chickens - actually he works at a distrabution center for an egg farm but the previous sounds much more exciting. We get 5 dozen eggs a week and he and Jason love the boiled eggs! Lauren works for the housing department at Brigham Young University Hawaii. We love visitors so come and stay any time, our air mattress is the most comfortable on the island!

Elder Bullock in the St. Louis, Missouri Mission

Elder Bullock and his companion at a members home in his last area.

Some things never change...

Here is a look of the love birds that started it all!
What a handsome couple?!